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Case Studies
Case Studies

Below is an illustrative list of some of the companies using the software solutions available from ePrimera. Please click on the Company Name to read more.

In the Media
In The Media
  • Acme Truck Line, Inc.
  • Acxiom
  • Allianz Marine & Aviation
  • Amethyst Group
  • Bank Of America
  • Blue Cross
  • Clarke American Checks
  • Clemson University
  • Colorado Sheriff's Office
  • Commonwealth of Virginia
  • CSI Agency
  • Elopak
  • Farmers Mutual Protective Association of Texas
  • Federal Express
  • Indiana University
  • Kansas City Missouri Police Department
  • National Insurance and Guarantee Corporation Ltd.
  • Prince Georges County
  • Purac
  • Safra National Bank of New York
  • Sanden International
  • SIAC
  • State of North Carolina
  • United States Department of Agriculture
         - Agriculture Marketing Service
         - The Food and Nutrition Service
         - The Forest Service
         - The Grain Inspection and Packaging Administration
  • US Auto
  • Wake County
  • WCI Steel
  • Xyratex
  • What are they saying about enable?

    "Great support so far. enableHTML is everything we expected it to be. enable is a class outfit... a good company... talented, customer oriented people."
    Charles Johnson

    "We felt that effective nationwide roll out of the application meant that we must not need to load anything onto the users' desktop. Being 100% Java, enable stood out by not requiring any kind of browser plug-in. The alternative products were simply too intrusive. In addition, enable proved to be very intuitive, making implementation amazingly easy."
    Matthew Steed
    Bank of America

    "With the success of the order processing system, Bank of America is now planning to use enable to improve selected internal financial applications by updating older "green screen" application and replacing paper reports. This was a groundbreaking process for us, and trail-blazed putting in a web front end to our legacy applications. We went from start-up to production in a couple of months, which is very, very impressive."
    Mike O'Hara
    Bank of America

    "enable lets us compete with companies that have deeper pockets."
    Lewis Wolfe
    Farmers Mutual Protective Association

    "Indiana University in Bloomington plans to bring mainframe green screen registration data to windows-type interfaces for up to 95,000 students in the fall."
    Mike Floyd
    Indiana University

    "enable was the best package we could find. They made changes that we asked for. They improved their product for us. They are very good people."
    Greg Steible
    U.S. Auto

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