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The Document Lifecycle

EDM automatically generates and delivers the right documents, in the format required, to the people who need them most.

Document Lifecycle

Enterprise Document Management (EDM)... is a world leader in document preparation, generation, and delivery. EDM encompasses web-based document collaboration with workflow and integrates internally and externally with the leading ERP, WMS, TMS and CRM systems. EDM provides not only document generation through delivery but also B2B messaging, imaging and archive and retrieval capability.

Documents have evolved into multiple formats from the traditional print or fax. Currently, emails, secure XML messages, scanned images, text messages on mobile phones and PDF images on the Internet have become an equal standard. EDM provides functionality for content generation and management with cross-enterprise workflow for these output formats.

Today's business systems are unable to generate and manage all of the required documents for a business transaction. Corporations are realizing that collaboration and enterprise content management are critical components of any business wanting to remain competitive. Poor communication can cost an enterprise in erroneous deliveries, lost profits, missed sales opportunities and uncollected cash.

EDM can prevent setbacks and create efficiency by determining which documents to produce, how they are to be populated and transmitted, and where documents are to be sent and stored. This can be all based on rules set by the enterprise.

EDM is a document collaboration system where multiple parties have access to the most accurate and up to date information. Users update data and upload it instantaneously for secure delivery to authorized recipients via print, fax, email, secure XML messages, scanned images, text messages on mobile phones, FTP and PDF.

While EDM provides enterprises with the ability to assemble functionality for a build-to-suit solution, EDM offers the most effective collaboration capability inclusive of:

  • Document preparation, generation and delivery
  • Workflow (role and/or rule based)
  • Document compliance
  • Digital signatures
  • Imaging
  • Archive and retrieval
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