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Output Management

With the Output Management (OM) solution from ePrimera, you can extend your enterprise even further by automatically generating, populating and delivering documents to your clients, vendors and employees.

OM functionality enables the automatic delivery of documents in the format preferred by the recipient, whether print, fax, PDF or XML, and customized to fit specified requirements. From the needs of a customer to the requirements of a shipment or of industry regulations, users have an unlimited range of specifications that they can attach to a transaction.

Output Management

Using rules that are attributed to specific events, OM can automate a workflow that will dictate the flow of documents required to bring a transaction to completion. Thus, rules control the generation, population and automation of multiple outputs.

  • Generate and route by enterprise and industry rules
  • Archive and retrieve documents
  • Growing library of ready-documents
  • Multi-lingual/ double byte capabilities
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