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Customisation is the logical step after Web-enabling and rejuvenation. Customisation makes your host application easier to use, changing its appearance to the point that people over the web will have no idea that they are accessing a host. Add familiar Internet controls such as buttons, images, frames and drop-down lists that users are comfortable with and accustomed to.

Customers, partners and suppliers can easily transact their business on-line - without costly calls to your support center to explain the functions on the host screen. Replace labels that read "PF4=Help" with buttons that read "Help!" to cut down on confusion. Remote users will not need to be trained to use the application - an important consideration when considering people dispersed across the Internet.

With customisation you can present host screens with the same look as you're your Intranet/Homepage - users do not have to know that they have launched a host session.

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