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Enable is a Java based web-to-host connectivity solution that extends the reach and enhances the functionality of host applications. Enable makes hosts accessible through a browser, so employees, vendors and customers can access the host from Intranets, Extranets, and the Internet. Without installing or configuring anything on their PC, users can navigate the graphical host screens through their browser.

Enable includes automatic rejuvenation and all Customisation features set up in the best in class Administrator and Customisation Studio are active, so host screens include the additional functionality and conveniences of Windows and the Web. Enable quickly and easily adds secure, reliable e-business capability to existing mainframe and AS/400 applications.

NET Architecture

Users download a Java emulation applet and connect to the host through their browser. Enable is a true terminal emulator, allowing the user to click function buttons on the screen or to use their keyboard to navigate the host. Users navigate customized host screens as if they were any other pages on the Web - choosing selections from pick lists to move from one screen to the next and clicking on links to other web sites.

Enable is downloaded from a server, reducing the costs of change maintenance, simplifying operation and ensuring that all clients are accessing the latest version of the emulation. It can be automatically installed on the client machine, so that users over dial up connections do not have to download the applet each time they want to access the host. Enable can be placed on any server, so you can choose if you want to take advantage of the conveniences of Windows or the scalability of the Mainframe or AS/400 web servers.

Enable takes advantage of state of the art Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security with data encryption and server authentication to ensure the reliability of transmissions between the client and the host.


The Administrator is used to set-up application wide Customisation options and capture screens across both Enable-NET and Enable-Portal. Global Customisation options include screen fonts and colors, button style and the appearance of the toolbar and hot spots. Changing an option on one screen of the Administrator host session will effect all the screens of the application. Global Customisation is saved as a profile - which can be assigned to different user groups for their sessions.

Administrator is also used to capture screens for the Customisation Studio. Screens are captured when a name is assigned to the screen. Screens are captured when connected to a live host session and are passed to the off-line Customisation Studio. Only the application administrator can capture screens and save and assign global Customisation options.

Customisation Studio

The Customisation Studio is used to make screen and object level changes to host screens. Drag-and-drop techniques add the conveniences of a Windows environment to host screens and make them easier and more intuitive for users to navigate.

  • Add function buttons that send data to fields and press function keys.
  • Create drop-down and list boxes that display valid values from which the user can choose their input.
  • Add images to make the host more user-friendly - create frames to group like objects.
  • Add links to other Web applications and pages to make the user's transition from Web-to-Host-to-Web seamless.
  • Non-technical staff can customize screens in a matter of minutes.

You don't have to make any changes to the underlying host code and no scripting or programming is required.

Advanced Customisation features allow you to create conditional Customisation that will react differently depending upon user input and integrate host data with other applications. Some of the advanced functionality of the Customisation Studio utilizes the Advanced Macro Facility, a powerful scripting language that adds flexibility to your Customisation.

While the Customisation process is similar for Enable-NET, Enable-Portal and Enable-ME - different Customisation Studios service the different modules.

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