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The ePrimera-enable product line centres around three products; NET, Portal and ME.

All three are Java-based, graphical emulators that allow users to connect to host applications through a browser. Portal delivers customised HTML screens to users and is suited for host access over the Internet, while NET is a Java applet that is best suited for Intranets. ME gives Mobile Users the power of a host in their Palm or Pocket - allowing them to connect to Host Sessions from PDAs such as Palm Pilots, Pocket PCs and Mobile Phones.
Intranet Internet Wireless
JAVA BROWSER 'Mobile Enterprise'

ePrimera-enable products are the fastest way to integrate hosts, and host based datacentres, with Intranets, Extranets, and the Internet. They allow you to conduct secure e-business at a fraction of the cost of re-writing existing applications for the Web.

ePrimera-enable products benefit many aspects of your business. Web-enabling host applications gives users access to your core business data. Presenting all of your Mainframe & AS/400 screens graphically upgrades all host screens - making them easier to use and giving them a uniform windows appearance. Drag-and-drop Customisation allows you to enhance screens quickly and roll out customized applications in a matter of days. Integration of host data with other critical information gives users all of the information they require in a single interface.

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