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Never see a green-screen again.

On-the-fly rejuvenation means that all host screens accessed are presented graphically, with defined input fields and clickable hot spots (function key buttons) and menu buttons. Without doing any work, point-and-click GUI functionality is added to your screens. This allows you to meet customer demand by quickly rolling-out graphical applications.

The outdated, default green-text-on-black-screen presentation of host applications is not acceptable to users on the Internet, especially the younger generation who grew up with Macs and Windows. Going from the graphical Web to a green-screen can have a jarring effect on the user and give them the wrong impression of your company. Green-screens are branded as decidedly "old-technology" and may give users the impression that your operation is behind the times.

In most applications, 80% of the benefit comes from 20% of the screens. The automatic rejuvenation means that after you make some global changes to the application, you can spend the bulk of your time customizing the heavily trafficked screens. Once that 20% of the application is completed - the application is ready to be rolled out because the remaining 80% of the application has already been made graphical and falls in line with the customized screens. You can complete customizing the application while it is on-line.

Studies have shown that users are more comfortable, more accurate and complete more tasks in graphical applications. With green screens- there is the attitude of just trying to get through something, whereas with the graphical application people are more likely to explore and learn the capabilities of the system.

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