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If providing mainframe, AS/400 and iSeries data to wireless devices isn't your highest priority today, it will soon become an issue in everyones marketplace.

Companies recognizing the connection between the Internet and the wireless world are gaining a competitive advantage by making their systems accessible through handheld devices. Round-the-clock access to information is no longer adequate - users demand round-the-clock & round-the-block access - where executives can connect to legacy data through their PDAs at anytime from anywhere. Mobile professionals remain connected to the office from the road by simply navigating through host screens seamlessly, as if they were on any other Palm, Pocket or Smart Phone screens.

The key differentiating features of Enable-ME:

  • Mobile Professionals have remote host access
  • Highly scaleable. Capable of supporting thousands of concurrent wireless sessions
  • Total coverage of wireless devices whether they are Palm, Pocket PC or Windows CE.
  • Fastest rollout time guaranteed. Slash lead times from months to days.
  • Effortlessly access TN3270/5250 Mainframe, AS/400 and iSeries applications
  • Requires no programming or changes to host applications.
  • State-of-the-art end-to-end security.
  • Real-time back office Internet connectivity to desktop application

The implications of Mainframe, AS/400 and iSeries access on-the-run is widespread and far-reaching: insurance agents inputting claims on-site, doctors and nurses updating data from the bedside, checking and updating inventory from the warehouse floor, placing orders directly from the customer's office and trading stocks and checking bank balances between appointments. In the ever-changing e-business world a real-time connection to legacy information is becoming a necessity for the increasingly mobile workforce.

Wireless Internet access devices will reach $835 million by 2005 and every year more people will access the Internet to conduct Business via PDA then through desktop PC. When it comes to wireless-to-host Internet Connectivity, the pivotal issue is the speed and ease in which the host application can be adapted for use on the small screens of wireless devices.

This is where Enable-ME excels

Enable-ME offers a powerful and patented drag-and-drop user interface re-engineering capability for quickly and painlessly customizing and optimizing host screens for use with wireless devices.

Enable also offers a economical "expert on-site" hands on consulting service to further expedite wireless enablement. Our G.U.I and Human Interface expertise can augment your efforts.

Just some of the exciting realities of wireless access to host applications:

  • Check order and inventory status on demand from the road
  • Place orders on the fly from customer sites
  • Dynamically update customer records from the airport
  • Provide accurate pricing with confidence on the run
  • Trade on-line and check your bank balances from a taxi
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