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Project Management
From the early stage scoping of a project through to the daily tasks associated with the successful implementation of an ePrimera business application, our Project Managers are all experienced in delivering our complete range of products and are therefore ideally suited to the role of overseeing the delivery of your implementation.

Business Consultancy
In order to ensure the maximum value from the implementation of ePrimera's products, it is imperative to work with consultants who understand the needs of your business. This allows them to implement your solution in the most time and cost efficient manner possible.

Technical Consultancy
It goes without saying that a good technician who knows their product can achieve more in less time. Our technical consultants have years of experience of working with and implementing our products and so they are ideally placed to get the best from our products and to ensure that you get the best from your solution.

Whilst we are happy to undertake either the technical implementation, business implementation or both, we are also happy to spend time with you training you to achieve the same result yourself. Making you totally self-sufficient means that you can truly control your own destiny. We will be there to support you if you should need us, however, our comprehensive training will allow you to determine the pace and nature of your own implementation.

Once your implementation of ePrimera's products is complete, whether performed by our consultants or your own staff, we are happy to provide a range of support services ranging from standard business hours cover to full 24x7 support in your regional location or globally.

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