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Customisation The ePrimera products are all highly configurable, and can be adapted to match customer requirements with respect to both style and functionality. Systems that have been made browser-visible through enable can be transformed so that they are consistent with other systems. Documents generated through confirm can be redesigned to correspond with existing company documents or to develop an entirely new style.

ePrimera have technical consultants with considerable experience of document, screen and user interface design. We can not only ensure that the screens and documents produced by your company have the necessary professional appearance, but also ensure that they are intuitive for the users. This can reduce the need for system familiarization and user training.

More examples of the customized screens and documents that we have developed can be seen here. Both enable and confirm allow the display of additional information not present in the original application screen or generated document. This information can be generated automatically based on data already present, or can be extracted from external sources such as databases. enable also allows extra functionality to be added to the underlying application. ePrimera consultants can both assist with the necessary functionality decisions and then implement the additional functionality required.

The case studies here contain an example of how we increased the functionality of a web-enabled system by utilising enable's external database access facilities.

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