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Technical Consultancy

Technical Consultancy Even the best software can be ineffective without the expertise to employ it to best advantage. ePrimera technical consultants have years of experience of working with and implementing our products in a diverse range of environments, and hence are ideally situated to ensure that you get the best possible results from your chosen solution.

ePrimera can provide technical advice throughout the project cycle, from the initial planning through to support for the live system, whether the installation is performed directly by ePrimera or by customer personnel that we have trained.

We can advise on

  • Implementation - how to achieve the desired results using ePrimera products
  • Deployment - ensuring the finished solution is accessible to those who need it, on time
  • Customisation - ensuring the installation matches customer requirements for both functionality and look-and-feel
  • Support - providing solutions for technical issues, and assisting ePrimera-trained customer personnel in finding the best way to use our products.
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